Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wacky Reference Wednesdays, No. 305

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR. 2016. Photoshop, 16 × 24″.

First of all, minor spoilers above! (I haven't even seen the movie yet.) Second of all, big apologies, but this ultra-limited edition poster is just for the cast & crew. That means you can't have one unless you were in the movie. (Sorry!)

Best part of the job, hands down.

Also, a huge thanks to the producers, especially Nate Moore, for getting me on the project and helping me through the process. And to my wife, April, who did the graphic design! (Thanks, babe!) And lastly, a huge thanks to the Marvel Visual Development crew for not only giving me a tour of the studios, not just making the movies look amazing, but making me feel like part of the team.

I still started with a sepia "underpainting."

Oh, and thanks to Kyle T. Webster, whose Photoshop brushes made the process so much easier. Like my previous posters, I had planned on painting this one in gouache, but I was running short on time and decided to do it digitally. (It still took me 200+ hours.)

preliminary digital sketches


  1. so awesome!! I had the idea that this poster was a digital paint but I wasnt sure, now I know, you rock dude!!

  2. I know I haven't commented in the while but dude... seriously thank you so much for continuing to post these. Oh and congratulations on the new baby!

    Not trying to diminish your skill or anything of the sort but did you do a "trace" over the actor photos at the bottom to get the likeness or did you layout grids etc and painstakingly map it all out.

    I've been doing the grid method lately and have been happy with the results but when a deadline looms and a likeness is necessary I was wondering what could be done to speed things up?

    Lastly how did you transfer them to the canvas? Sorry for all the questions but like I said it's been awhile since I've bugged you. :)

    1. My pleasure! I traced! Saves time (although not as much as I had hoped). This was all digital, but for the previous posters, I printed a reverse image on acetate and burnished it. Less than stellar results, but enough to get me started.

    2. Thanks so much and I remember on an older Cap poster you had mentioned that due to time constraints but was wondering if this was also the case.

      Also I apologize for forgetting this one was digital due to the deadline.

      Lastly, thanks for all you do and yes Webster's PS brushes are amazing. If you ever make it back out to Heroes con on the East Coast I'll be sure to thank you in person.

    3. Also thanks for the acetate/burnish tip. I've never tried that one before and will give it a shot. I assume Golden acrylic gel will get the job done?

    4. I've heard of the acrylic gel method, but I've never tried it myself. I don't think it would work for me because the gel would seal the board and I prefer it to be more absorbent.

  3. How can I get this image in high resolution? Nice work, man.

  4. Your Tom Holland draw is awesome, can you post that photo of him?

  5. Are any of your Captain America prints for sale?

  6. Are u selling this as a print as well as the previous captain America ones you made? I would love to buy one to get it signed by the actors

  7. Damn Giant man in the back looks so cool tho