Iron Man. 2009. Watercolor on paper, 9 x 12".

I can only accept commissions in conjunction with conventions. If I will be in attendance, I will announce it here along with an email address for getting on the list. I will get as many done before the show as my schedule allows, but a place on the list does not guarantee a commission. Follow me on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook to be the first to know when the list opens. While I used to accept full-figure commissions, that waiting list is over 4 years, so it's only head-shots until further notice.

There are 3 options:

9 × 12″ watercolor head sketch (my own paper, no exceptions): $250.
Inked head-shots: $80
Ink + color wash (example below): $120

There will be a $20 surcharge for comic book sketch covers (40 for color wash).

For published original art and sketches, please contact my representative, Mark Hay, at Splashpage Art.

Wolverine. 2009. Ink and watercolor on comic sketch cover, 7 × 10.5″.


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